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Coming Soon The Greatest Walls on Earth Delavan, WI June 24-28 2015


The Walldog Movement is quickly gaining popularity, and is a great way for a town of any size to boost its tourism. Imagine a large “pack” of talented artists descending upon your town to paint the most beautiful murals you can imagine. Every one of the walls that a fellow Walldog touches springs to life with images of local places, people, and products that have historic significance to each town.

This website has been developed to inform inquiring towns about the Walldog Movement. A Walldog's goal is to help improve a town's appearance by designing and painting old fashioned advertisements and murals that are unique to each town.


How to become a Walldog:

Becoming a Walldog is easy, just show up to an event with a brush in hand and jump in. It’s that easy. Helping us organize, set up and teardown is another way to earn the “Walldog” title. Just make sure you check this site out regularly for upcoming event information.

Young girl painting here name. Here is a photo of a young Walldog (Wallpuppy) joining in all the fun. We let kids try their hand at painting. They can paint their name in an empty white space before we paint over it. We tell them that even though they won't see it when the mural is complete, their names will always be there under another coat of paint.

Walldog Project Leaders are the next step up. No average person can become a project leader. They are chosen by their peers because they have proven themselves in several different ways. Project leaders above anything else must prove that they can lead a group of Dogs and manage their site. They must be responsible individuals that will see the job through to the end. In most cases project leaders have proven themselves in the area of design too. They need to have an understanding of these types of large projects and the brick media on which the design will be presented. They also need to have an understanding of the historical background of their project and their designs need to reflect that. It is possible to have joint project leaders for one site: one leader who manages the project and the other that designs the art. Most project leaders have attended several events before being asked to lead, and usually it’s the job of the Event Host to pick these leaders.

An Event Host is a Walldog that helps organize the event for a specific town. They will work along side the town in making sure that the event goes off without a hitch. Event hosts are usually Walldogs that have been project leaders in the past and have proven that they can successfully manage a site and are ready to manage the whole meet. It is important that they have been to past events so that they can truly understand the scope of such an event. This is probably the most difficult job a Walldog can have and requires a lot of that person’s time and energy. To learn more about the individual event hosts from the past, go to “The Walldogs” page.

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The Greatest Walls on Earth
Delavan, WI June 24 - 28 2015

Starting June 24–28, 2015 the Walldogs will arrive to put that past into beautiful, colorful Murals on the walls of Delavan. These Murals will represent the newest piece of Delavan history and will be preserved for years, long after the Walldogs have finished.

For more information & to register for this event click here.


Artists not found through this website or on the past event hosts page may not be associated with this movement. To ensure that the murals planned for your town will be painted by the same artists profiled on this site, please fill out our contact form & a representative from the Walldog movement will be in contact with you.

International Walldog Mural & Sign Art Museum
Pontiac, IL
Open May-October

In the spring of 2010 the International Walldog Mural & Sign Art Museum was opened. The purpose of the museum is to appreciate murals & similar advertisements that have been painted throughout the world and preserve this art for future generations.

To learn more about the museum click here.

Shipshewana Walldogs
Shipshewana, IN July 18 - 21 2014

The Walldogs had their 2014 Walldog event in the town of Shipshewana, Indiana