Often it is said that small towns never change and perhaps that is true. But from the standpoint of a physical change the recent Wall Dog Daze in Allerton, Iowa puts to rest such thoughts.

The adrenalin was running on high that weekend. The entire community worked together to host the Iowa Letterheads and numerous other sign painters and artists. And what terrific guests each and everyone of you were!!

As one passes the many works of art visible to us on a daily basis now, we are reminded of that great weekend in the summer of 1993. A comradery between artist and community was born that will long be remembered.

So it is with sincere gratitude that we say “Thank You” for one of the most exciting weekends to come to our small town. We shall long be appreciative of the works of art that you left behind for everyone to enjoy. But even more importantly, we will long remember what wonderful people each of you are.

Allerton extends to you an invitation to return as a group or individual visits any time you wish.


From Allerton,

With Love